Welcome to 2014!  Hopefully any resolutions are still unbroken and despite the cold weather, the outlook is bright!

We had our first meeting of 2014 last night.  We welcomed Colne Soapmakers, Christian and Ann.  Who, not only gave and interesting and informative talk on their particular journey into soap making but, also joined in with our rendition of Jerusalem!  Great sports for that, as group sign song breaks down any barriers of reserve and nerves.  We do struggle with the low notes and I always feel that we deserve an applause at the end!

We were chatting at tea, about different family traditions that we do during the festive season.  My long standing family tradition is on New Years Eve.  As children, we placed our slippers outside our bedroom doors when we went to bed.  In the morning, inside the slippers would be a coin (to make sure one always had money); chocolate (to make sure one always had food) and a bar of soap (to make sure one was always clean).  We did this each year and this is a tradition that has carried on with my own children (although my youngest wants to put his slippers outside his room every night - probably for the chocolate rather than the soap!)  I have no idea where the origins of this New Year ritual hail from but I would love to find out.  Any insight would be happily received.  Similarly, if you would like to share your family traditions with us, we would love to hear them!

We had two new arrivals this week!  One of our ladies gave birth to twins - a boy and a girl (which makes it easy for the rest of us).  We have yet to sign them up to WI but very much look forward to meeting the new parents and bundles of joy.  A great start to 2014!

Copford WI has only one New Years Resolution for 2014 - to keep making friends!

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