I met Angela and Sarah about 10am in the car park and we took our goodies into the woods and followed the sound of vigorous activity.   Met Mike, Mervyn, Alan, Chris, Jenny G and some others of the Pits Wood group and pitched up our refreshments table.  Lots of really hard work was going on with some fairly impressive pieces of equipment!  It's amazing how much growth has happened since last year.  The area where the Brownies planted lots of new trees last year had really thick ground cover that made it nearly impossible to see the young new trees.  When we were working in that area last year, we found a tiny common newt. 

Sarah has a new roll-up table which worked brilliantly and we also made use of a slightly sloping bench (made pouring the tea interesting!).  Don't know what it is about cooking bacon and egg sarnies in the great outdoors, but they always seem extra tasty!  Angela and I took along some scrumptious homemade fairy cakes and (local) Apple and Blackberry cake - one of Jo Wheatley's.  I heard Sarah asking Angela for pointers as hers didn't turn out so well - her fruit sank!

On 2nd November we were back in to woods encouraging those dedicated locals who turn our month after month to help keep on top of the ever changing demands of this beautiful space.  Extra elbow grease and dogged determination was required this month following the ill wind of St Jude!  We were requested not to distract the volunteer workforce too much with a banquet of bacon sarnies and fried egg rolls.  We therefore obliged with a selection of hot beverages, cake and biscuits.  Between you and me, I don't think the down time was any shorter!  Next month (being the Christmas month) we plan to bring mulled wine, mince pies and of course a well deserved cake or two!
Lisa adding a touch of glamour with her animal print welly warmers!
22/3/2017 05:45:17 am

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